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My threads keep getting locked?

Manc33Manc33 Posts: 2,157
It seems any thread I make gets locked these days.


For example, why would I not be able to discuss the durability of cassettes?

A mod steps in and says "I never had a problem with this component" and locks the thread, which to me seems like a crude way to do things when this is in a sub-forum called "Workshop".

If its something personal I'll just stop posting, but closing perfectly normal threads looks silly to everyone. People will just read that thread and wonder what it is locked for, surely? No one swore, argued, posted adult content, what is it closed for?

It was closed because "Manc33" posted it and no other reason.

Look at the last reply anyway:

"SRAM cassettes are very durable - and certainly no less durable than any other type"

Not true. :roll:

So in your perception a £12 cassette lasts as long as a £120 cassette? ... 78041.html

Admit it, you gave a silly answer there and closed the thread for no reason except it was me posting it.


  • Every day you post a new surreal thread about components failing... unfortunately nobody seems to take you seriously and those threads end up in a farce. I suggested to give it a cut, you insist posting daily threads... I frankly am a bit baffled... :roll:
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  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 12,015
    Manc33 wrote:

    "SRAM cassettes are very durable - and certainly no less durable than any other type"

    Not true. :roll:

    So in your perception a £12 cassette lasts as long as a £120 cassette?

    As usual, your posts are bordering on the absurd. Firstly, I posted that comment above - not a mod (I am not a mod). And it's not a silly answer - because it's perfectly true. £12 v £120 cassettes..?? - no idea what you are talking about. I doubt if anyone else does either.
  • Manc33Manc33 Posts: 2,157
    The SRAM PG850 cassette is less durable than the similarly priced Shimano HG cassettes. The reason is because the Shimano ones are about 100g heavier, but I explained all of this in the closed thread. I am merely pointing out something is less durable and showing why.

    I since found on another forum comments like "people around here seem to prefer the Shimano ones" and so on, also these SRAM cassettes can last as little as 1000 miles. Yep, mine slips on the most used sprockets after about that distance. Also the sprockets aren't even parallel anymore, from just riding the bike normally.

    Finally, I made the thread after someone said "SRAM cassettes aren't the best stuff SRAM makes" and having a proper look at my cassette to see it is indeed bent on certain sprockets. Why keep it on if its going to slip in less than 500 miles, I will just get a HG one.
  • My advice would be: when you want to open a new thread, think again... and then again. If you then realise that only a thread on Bikeradar can unlock the mystery, then open a thread.
    Bear in mind the web has invented the generic term "troll", which is very broad, including a variety of behaviours and applies nicely to some of your posts on here... trolls normally get banned swiftly. The reason you have not been banned yet is because the amount of abuse you receive Vs the abuse you dispense is overwhelmingly in your favour...

    that can change...
    left the forum March 2023
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