Which GPS for cycle touring?

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Planning a long cycle tour on the continent this summer. I'd like to know what would be best for logging my rides several days on the bounce. Having maps and navigation isn't really the most important thing, as I'm fairly handy with a map, and isn't that part of the fun??

Saw the Garmin Edge Touring, although its had some negative reviews. But that's around my budget all in.


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    Then you may as well go for an Edge 500, good offers on at the moment and probably all you'll need.
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    An eTrex.
    If logging rides is really all you want, the eTrex 10 is cheapest.
    I'd pay the extra for a 20, and put free maps on. Having a "reminder" map visible saves having to stop to check the paper map so often, and you also get town centre detail that paper maps of a cycling scale aren't too good on.

    The advantage of the eTrex is that it's powered by AA batteries, and lasts over twice as long on a pair as an Edge does on its internal battery. When it does run out, you just put a spare pair of AA in and carry on. An Edge needs charging every night, which may be OK in hotels or B&Bs, but is less good on campsites or YHs.
    The disadvantage is that it's a hiking model, so the handlebar mount is extra, rather than being included.
  • Edge touring.
    Trek,,,, too cool for school ,, apparently
  • Plus one for something like the etrex series. The edge touring series are very badly named.
    The plus points for the etrex series are as above, standard batteries that last, a built in compass on the 10 and 20 that is GPS derived and a magnetic derived one on the 30.
    I use the hybrio rechargeable batteries in my etrex 30 and find the run times excellent.
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    The Etrex has a much longer run-time, and takes AAs, so you can carry spares. However the tech for all these gadgets is very dated - slow responses and limited display. I'm hoping for a big catchup before my next investment, but I realise it's a much smaller market.
  • Thanks for your response. After a little more thought I think a cycle specific computer would be best, as I do a lot of road riding as well. The charging problem shouldn't be too much of a problem as I've got two solar usb thingys.

    Edge 500 for simplicity and all roundness (and which computer I see most on the club run!) That over the touring, as I like having a paper map. Thanks again.
  • What solar thingies do you have? I got the power monkey with solar panel. Useless. There's not many good ones and they're usually bigger I think.
  • Not sure what brand they are.. they worked ok at recharching my phone back in April whilst I was couriering. So should be up to the job.

    Although in a twist of fate, my father got me the Edge Touring for christmas. I like it so far... I suppose once you have a device its easy enough to make it work.