KTM, Colnago, Giant Propel Advanced 2 or other???

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I'm looking at getting a new bike but i'm very undecided as to what to buy? Budget is about £1700. I've been to the local bike shops and been offered the following:

KTM Revelator
2014 model
Full Ultegra groupset
Carbon Wheels - cant remember which ones they were
Richey seat post
Fizik saddle (I think)
also offered dura-ace version for £2100 with mavic ksyrium wheels but bit too much over budget,

Colnago AC-R
2014 model
105 groupset (not full though) colnago own brake calipers
Colnago made wheels (Artemis I think which I've heard aren't great)
Colnago saddle (I think)

Giant Propel Advanced 2
Full Ultegra groupset
Giant P-A2 wheels

I want something light, quick and suitable for long sportives. It doesn't necessarily have to be any of these 3 bikes, these are the ones that i'm told are a good deal? Also, it will be through the Cycle to Work scheme so sadly this rules out Canyon, Rose etc.

I know nothing about KTM other then they are Austrian etc, so interested to know if anyone owns one and loves/hates it?


  • izza
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    I have a Giant Propel - couldn't recommend it enough in terms of comfort, ride, handling, fun and ability to upgrade.
  • Love my KTM. Very comfortable ride.
    Picked the frame up for £500 and built it with Ultegra Di2.