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Disappearing post. Moderated?

annoyingtwitannoyingtwit Posts: 127
My post in the road > workshop forum appears to have disappeared.

In it I was asking for brand/model recommendations for single speed freewheels. Which I don't think is too outrageous a think to ask on a cycling website. I searched around the site to see if it had been moved to another part of the forum, but couldn't find it.

I presume that the post was moderated away. Is it possible to find out why it was removed? I would still like to ask the question. But, if a moderator has removed my post, then I guess it would be best to find out why, rather than just reposting.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    So you are asking what to Buy?
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  • I found my post over in Road Buying Advice. It still doesn't come up on search for me, but I found a post here that says that search isn't working well (and I guess that indexing of posts may be taking time as well). I did look through the workshop forum and found other posts asking for recommendations for components, so thought that it was a reasonable place to post. I'll post all component recommendation requests in the Road buying forum from now on.
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