Anyone out there own a 1985 Puch Alpine?

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Hi guys!

I have a 1985 puch alpine that I am trying to restore its former glory and I believe its supposed to look like this one:

unfortunately the hooligan who owned it before me sprayed the whole thing a ghastly colour so I had to completely strip the paint and get it resprayed. At first I didn't want decals but have changed my mind but have no idea on measurements to give to the graphics designer.

If any of you could help with this I would be so greatful!




  • Also if anyone is able to take close up pictures of all the decals on the bike with the measurements I am willing to pay for this :)

    Thanks again

  • Recommend you get in contact with this guy, even though he's in Australia. Renowned for producing decals for restorations projects.. He has a link to Swizterland Austria with some Puch samples..

    Has an Ebay store, very reliable I believe
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  • Thanks you, I already emailed his ebay page but received no reply. I didn't realise he had a website, hopefully will get some more joy from that :)
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    Puch was top-of-the-range BSO from Halfords, so before you spend hundreds on a respray, make sure you're working with raw materials worth the effort. Check out Retrobike for more info and advise on older bikes.
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  • Well i know its 482 tubing so its hi-ten rubbish. not the best start but i'm quite fond of the bike.
    Also my dads work has an in house sprayer so i don't have to pay for the paint job.

    i'm doing this more as a project to eat up free time this winter so i'm trying to use as many of the original parts and parts of my older modern road bikes as i can untill i end up with a frankenstein bicycle.

    Hopefully this should keep the cost down somewhat and i dont plan to use it that much or sell it so the money i spend doesn't matter.

    But thanks for the advice i will be sure to check them out.