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Luggage carrier solution for roadbike

applauseapplause Posts: 35
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I'm using my old Cube Aerial road bike as a commuter bike 15 miles to a from work a few days a week. I usually carry my clothes, shoes my work laptop in a backpack but I often get backaches. So I'm looking for a neat solution to carry my stuff in a bag mounted on the bike. I'm thinking it's good if the the center of mass is kept as close to the ground as possible? Please share some good ideas to how You carry your stuff in an elegant and efficient way :D


  • DrLexDrLex Posts: 2,142

    (*if laptop left at work)
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  • davisdavis Posts: 2,566
    Cut down on as much as possible - can you not leave a pair of shoes at work?
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  • Shoes, belt, trousers can all be left at work
  • fatsmoker wrote:
    Shoes, belt, trousers can all be left at work

    Yeah you're right. I need my laptop home with me though. I can leave shampoo, ekstra socks and boxershorts at work as well. Thanks for the input.
  • whoofwhoof Posts: 756
    You can attach a rack to your bike with p-clicks and use a pannier. One note of caution, when your laptop is in your backpack you act as a shock-absorber. If it's in a pannier it will get the all the vibrations that go through your bike. There are specific 'office' panniers that have padding. ... lsrc=aw.ds
    Or you could just put it in bubble or a large padded envelope.
  • Carradice is great for laptop. Shoes definitely to be left at work, and as much other stuff as well.
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  • Carradice saddle bag with a SQR mount on my commuting bike. It does n't need old school saddlebag loops and you carry the weight centrally so it doesn't muck up balance. I'm usuallŷ carrying a lap top and it's survived all weather and a couple of mini offs
  • +1 for Carradice SQR (the Slim takes A4 and is an excellent size/shape for commuting).

    FWIW If taking heavier stuff (shoes, laptop, etc), worth strapping the loops on the top to the saddle to give rock-solid stability.
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