Wheel upgrade from Giant PR2s

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I'm thinking of swapping out the PR2s from my Defy, and would be prepared to spend £300ish for decent upgrades. Would have to be fairly winter proof, but lighter for hills etc. PR2s would go on commuting hack. Anybody swapped these wheels out with good result?


  • Campag Zondas
    £259 from wiggle
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    Campagnolo Zonda seem to be the go to wheels as a first upgrade for the Defy boys on here.

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/campagnolo-zond ... -wheelset/

    If you are considering going tubeless down the line, consider the 2 way fit version also

    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/campagnolo-zond ... -wheelset/
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    so many would be "better" than the giant wheels. . The main way a wheelset can be is better than what you have is in terms of longevity. There are a number of Ps2 owners (I see them in the shop) with broken spokes. AMny wheels will be a bit more aerodynamic.

    Ultimatley the wheel needs to be reliable therefore spoke count needs to be suitable for you. The spoke count of the Zonda's may be suitable or not. Saving 300g or so is not going to make you a racing snake up the hills. From a physics point of view your climbing times will show barley a measurable change and any difference will very small compared to time differences caused by weather conditions. Quick sums:
    1km climb over 1km at 5% gradient for me kitted up (80kg) on my vitus 992 (9kg) doing 20 kph power 324 watts. Saving 300g on wheels power rewuired 323W so if you want to save time change you tyres for lower Crr one like tubulars for example, train more anything but buy lighter wheels. If you save 5 kg of rider and bike then the time saving become real. Knocking 6kg of my weight has made a real difference to me.

    A true "climbing wheel" weighs around 1kg and uses light weight tubs. That will climb faster but is not very practical for regular use. It is for hill climb TT events. Done a couple of them for light people.

    Seriously the term climbing wheel is over used. Zonda's and similar are no more a climbing wheels than the Giant PS2. Where the PS2 fall down is they are not very stiff. Power is wasted that way. I cannot say how much but stiffer wheels do seem to "climb" a bit faster. This is hard to quantify though.

    In short buy a wheel that is relaible. Zonda's may feel quick but I was quite quick today on my 32 spoker 2.7kg (total with tyres e.t.c wheelset) oddly enough I out run most folk on lower spoke count wheels. It not a brag I just ride more than many I know. Those that ride more than me tend to be faster than me. Spot a trend there.
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    Thanks for advice. I've bagged a set of Zondas from wiggle, will move the Giants to my other bike.