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Adivice pls - Heavy duty wheels for Paris commute

ParisSteveParisSteve Posts: 2
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Hi Everyone,
I really need the collective expertise that is out there on this one.
I've done over 5K miles this year (31mile round trip) and when completing my weekly check I discovered that my rear wheel has three cracks around 3 spokes, so it's goosed. So I need some advise on which wheels I should buy?
I weight 100Kgs (just under 16stone in old money), I commute 100% on roads with 5% of it on cobbles and I would class myself as an heavy rider.
The bike is a Cube Nature , the current spec is a 700c :
Rims: Schürmann Yak19 Disc
Rear hub: Shimano FH-RM66
Spokes: DT Swiss Industry 2.0 silver

So what I need help with is selecting some wheels that are as strong as possible, I'm not bothered about weight as I cycle to maintain fitness. I have panniers on the back for the commute as well.

Also a daft one how do I remove the old disc from my old hub as it appears to be riveted on, do you sometimes get hubs with the disc included?

My budget up to £300 for the set or £200 for the wheel , thanks in advance :D


  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,163
    I suggest you post this in the Road Buying Advice forum, were the resident wheel experts are most active.
  • I just bought a pair of these for my cross bike, but reckon they'd fit a road bike with disc brakes, depending on rear axel size (would need to be 135): ... arance.htm

    Arrived a couple of days ago, not had a chance to try them yet but were true and seem like good solid wheels. Will update once I've been out on bike.
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  • I'd strongly suggest hand-builts.

    I expect there will be decent builders in Paris if you ask around. In this country you could give your requirements, exactly as you have here, to someone decent. Harry Rowland has built 2 sets for me that have never needed trueing despite the best efforts of London streets. Ditto the Condor hand-builts on my fixed and my wife's tourer.

    A totally bomb-proof spec could be something like A719 rims, LX or 105 hubs (depending on drop-out), 32 (or even 36?) spokes, Sapim Strong/Race spokes. Should come in under £250 built. Something like Excellights or Open Pros probably strong enough though, and lighter.
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 779
    +1 for superstar components wheels, I had a set and gave them some serious abuse but still they remained true, For factory built you can go for Mavic Open Pro rims built around some sealed hubs maybe Stans or Joytech etc. They won't be super light but will be very heavy duty. Re removing the disc it will probably be the standard torq bolts (star shaped nuts) they are often screwed in with lock tite or other glue type solution so may need some leverage to get off.

    Check out Merlin bikes as well they do decent hand built wheels within budget.

    Whatever you go for I would defo go for sealed bearing hubs and at least 32 spokes (preferably 36)
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