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Anyone got Exposure Toro MK6?

nibbynibby Posts: 246
edited November 2014 in Road buying advice
Thinking of the Exposure Toro Mk6 1800 lumens after my 3 rd light from china failed last night.

Need it for

commuting down pitch black country lanes
commuting around the city
MTB when obviously pitch black

so need something that's excellent quality, no problem returning if it develops a fault and a decent warranty.

After researching the above I'm favouring the Toro or possibly the MaxxD mk7 but think that might be overkill.



  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    All I can tell you is that I've ridden with one of my mates for an hour who has one. It was phenomenal, essentially like a car headlight. We were comfortable descending at normal speeds down a slight gradient (25-30mph). Can't comment on battery life, etc, we were only going for an hour whilst dark. Only concern I would have is whether it's too much for oncoming traffic, it's seriously bright.
  • nibbynibby Posts: 246
    Cheers, good to hear. I think it has various settings so I can programme for various conditions etc. I saw one Friday although it was daylight but looks like it is very solid build wise.

    Need a good backup in case it goes wrong as I'm going to use it for road and mtb and heard good things about Exposure for this sort of stuff and helps with them being UK.

    Called them Friday and they recommended the toro, also knew the product inside out which I liked.
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Not sure what deals there are out there however, I recently got spooked on my new office ride to work - the road surface and driving on a 2 mile stretch is appalling and I wanted something brighter than normal for the commute and also capable of longer winter rides. I went for the exposure six pack Mk4 from Evans on the following link, I also have a £50 voucher promotion from them (not sure if they are still running this promotion) ... lsrc=aw.ds

    I is quite big, quite heavy but holy comoly it's very good at making you visible to all road users looking in your direction from ahead. Also gives fantastic light on unlit roads at night. Not as bright as the latest version but I'm very impressed with it.

  • The Toro is the perfect light. Lightweight, great battery, all self contained and superbly built. Mine is the Mk4 (1200) and it's superb. I "dip" it by swivelling it down when a car comes. I live in the sticks and almost all my winter riding is at night, 100% rural unlit backroads. It came off once on a downhill (I hadn't clipped it in right) and it bounced down the road, stayed switched on and I just fixed it back on. No problem.

    The UK-based backup from USE is excellent, two year no questions warranty, go straight to USE, not the retailer, if any probs which is unlikely because these are the best built lights money can buy.

    It's so reliable I don't take a back up light even on 30-40 mile night rides.
  • nibbynibby Posts: 246
    Good stuff.

    Cheers Peter for the link.

    I think the Toro will be the one I'm probably going to stick to. The new Six Pack looks like a monster doesn't it.

    I like the back of the unit's with the Leds and also the ability to charge a phone if needed in an emergency.

    Also having had lots fail over the last 12 months the 2 yr UK warranty is a nice backup.

    1800 lumens is overkill for the roads but will be great on some of the back lanes when the speeds get up.

    I recently lost the front on my way home (just went off, battery fully charged etc!!, no backup and hit a pothole that resulted in a puncture!!)
  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    I've got a mark 5 (I think!) and it's great. I do find the programmable settings a little confusing, so normally just use max out in the sticks or strobe in town. Battery life seems good. Would definitely recommend getting a Red Eye rear light to run off the main light. Very bright, and no need to replace batteries! ... 1&curr=GBP
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  • nibbynibby Posts: 246
    Cheers everyone, all seems positive.
    Now hoping this cyber Monday thing beats my current best £220 price I've found :)
  • northpolenorthpole Posts: 1,499
    Very impressed with the mounting bracket - I presume they are the same or similar on all exposure models. Holds the six pack 100% secure and the mechanism is such that it's either in or out with no half way house which is great. I doubt you'll be disappointed with the brand.

  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    Yes, I think the QR is the same across the range. I've used the same bracket for a Joystick, Maxx 2 Race, and now the Toro. I now have a bracket on each bike so it makes choosing one to ride at night slightly less painful, as all the lights will fit all the bikes 8)
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