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does everyone use the parktool hhp3 for fitting the bb30 bottom bracket bearings


  • No. Make your own for about 1/5th of the price.

    You just need:

    Small length of threaded rod (eBay)
    Matching nuts and couple of oversized washers to suit rod (eBay)
    BB30 installation bits ... -prod36370
    BB30 removal tool ... -prod36371
  • what does the removal part e0019 fit onto as it need to be hit with a hammer
  • You pop it thru the inside of the bb shell, and the tool has recesses that fit perfectly over the edge of the bearings. You then place something (such as a screwdriver or punch), onto the metal columns part and give it a firm, positive whack with a hammer, and the bearings pop out. Repeat on other side for opposing bearings.

    Sounds a bit primeval, but is easy. I'd a say the only important bits are making sure your frame is firmly supported to receive the whack (I put mine on the floor with support around the bb shell), or get someone to hold it firmly while you whack it.

    It's basically the same process as this

    You're just substituting the integrated shaft of the Park tool for a screwdriver or punch etc. if you just a long screwdriver, maybe tape the end up first with insulation tape or similar to make it less likely to slip on the fsa tool, and prevent damage should it slip.