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Defy - Al to Carbon upgrade

ajkerr73ajkerr73 Posts: 318
edited November 2014 in Road buying advice
I've been riding a Defy 1 for two years and I'm looking to upgrade to carbon.

I've been looking at the 2015 Defy Advanced Pro 1

Appreciate that next to no one will have ridden this bike, what can I expect from the upgrade experience?


  • ElfedElfed Posts: 459
    I've been riding an aluminium Defy for the last couple of years and upgraded to a carbon fibre bike in August.

    Same wheels, same tyres and same saddle transferred from Defy, with same reach and saddle to BB. There's a huge difference in how well the carbon bike absorbs road vibration. With the Defy I was forever getting numbness in my left hand and still do when I've been riding it in the last month, not so with the carbon.
  • dj58dj58 Posts: 2,212
    There is a review of the Defy Advance Pro in the latest issue of Bikes ETC magazine.
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