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Bottom bracket compatibility advice

nagmamannagmaman Posts: 4
edited December 2014 in MTB workshop & tech

Ok, I am totally baffled!

I have PF30 73x46mm shell on my frame and need to get a BB and crank drive.

I have a SRAM BB30 PressFit 30 46mm Bottom Bracket which I'm hoping will fit ok but the cranksets now have me confused!

Ideally I'd like a double (36t would be good) but can someone please recommend what one would fit without having to use adapters etc if possible.



  • oxocube1oxocube1 Posts: 651
    In my opinion you should buy a new crank that comes with a BB so you would get all the necessary spacers/washers/seals that you require. You will need one with a 30mm spindle for a BB30 or PF30.
  • Cheers for the advice.
  • Since you already have the SRAM PF30 bottom bracket use that. Then just buy any bb30 crankset that takes your fancy.
    You'll find there isn't as much BB30 crankset on the market that comes with PF30. Mostly, BB30 cranks comes with bb30 bottom bracket.
    Just to be clear the bottom bracket standard is only frame specific - not the crankset.
    A PressFit BB30 or PF30 frame only takes PF30 bottom bracket (the bearings and fitting).
    A BB30 frame will only take BB30 bottom bracket (the bearings and fitting).
    However, both standards share the same crank spindle (30 mm) so you can use any bb30 crankset available on the market.
    Like my Epic it is PF30 but I found a sale online that was hard to ignore for a FSA bb30 carbon cranks that comes with bb30 bottom bracket. I bought it and just used the crankset, it came with ceramic bb30 bottom bracket that I have no use for so just gone straight to spares bin.

    Padyak rider
  • Thanks for your help. Got the BB in so just need to get the crankset in place and set up now.
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