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ERD Question regarding wheel rim swap out

drudru Posts: 1,341
edited November 2014 in Workshop
Hi all,

Looking for some advice regarding my first ever wheel building project.

I'm looking to swap out the rims of my 1982 Olmo Bike.

They are 700cc Ofmega low flange hubs (similar to campy) and are built onto Fiamme Red Label Tubular rims.
The rims are listed on velobase as 617 ERD
They are 36 holes.

I've dismantled them and all the brass nipples and spokes are in good condition.
I'm hoping to source a similiar rim but in a clincher version.

I have found an old mavic clincher rim that has same spoke count and 614 ERD

Do we know if I rebuild t osame pattern whether or not I can reuse the spokes or is the 3ERD too much difference?

Help please :)

Kind Regards,



  • 3 mm means 1.5 per side, which is still OK, provided your spokes were not too long to start with. However, as you have both rims, best thing would be to measure the ERD yourself, as the numbers quoted might vary and if the difference is 5 mm or more between the two, then it becomes impossible.

    New spokes will set you off less than 20 pounds for the pair of wheels, is it really worth reusing them, considering they are old and fatigued?
  • drudru Posts: 1,341
    Thanks Ugo.

    Looking at the wheels when taking them apart, the spokes were already long for the nipples, so the smaller 614 ERD would mean them being even longer.

    Will measure and look again, although I might just rebuild them with original rims just to see if I ca do it as a test project first.
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