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Entry Turbo, minoura b60r or tacx blue motion

liamo1988liamo1988 Posts: 6
edited November 2014 in Road buying advice
Hi guys,

Some advice needed, I am after a relatively cheap turbo and these two sets have caught my eye, Any thoughts on which will be the better buy with regards to price, quality, stability. Any people own either care to comment on the stability, I have read somewhere that the minoura can get unstable when to hard intervals.

any advice would be greatly appreciated

Minoura b60r with raiser block and sweat catcher £117.99:

Tacx Blue motion with riser block, mat and dvd £129.99:


  • taon24taon24 Posts: 185
    The minoura works well, has lasted me a year of irregular use with no problems. I tend not to go to hard on the intervals though.
  • photonic69photonic69 Posts: 2,219
    I have the Minoura. It's a solid, well built, basic unit and offers plenty of resistance. The weak part is the strap that holds the remote to the bars. They snap. Easily sorted with a few cable ties.
  • Also have the Minoura, does what I wanted it to do, sometimes hard sprint sessions, sometimes longer stints.
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