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Gore Jacket Sizing (Fusion Cross)

DVVDVV Posts: 126
edited November 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hello, I have decided to buy my first 'expensive' jacket - a Gore Fusion Cross windstopper - but don't know what size to go for, and I can't find one locally. Has anyone got any experience of this particular jacket? It is supposedly 'slim' fit, but designed for MTB.

I am 5'10.5, about 13 stone, 42" chest and athletic build (i.e. no beer gut - yet). According to the Gore size chart I am (just) in the XXL bracket based on chest size, which seems like nonsense to me. I tried on a Contest (roadie, slim fit) for which XL seemed about right, and a Phantom (comfort fit), which seemed a touch baggy in XL and a touch tight in L.

I generally don't like flappy clothes and usually err on the side of a slim fit.

Thanks for any responses!
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