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Frame Advice - Planet X or Ribble?

GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
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I am planning on building up a new bike in preparation for a ride I am doing next June from Milan to Rome.
I am looking to buy a frame and fork only with about a £700 budget.

Currently two on the shortlist:

The new Planet X Nanolight

The Ribble Aero 883

Both relatively new frames so not finding any reviews online.

Anyone got a point of view or opinion they want to share?

Thanks in advance.


  • deswellerdesweller Posts: 5,175
    Both companies can be an utter pain in the censored or a delight to deal with, depending on who you talk to and how busy they are.

    I doubt there's a big difference in the frames.
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  • mfinmfin Posts: 6,726
    It won't be long before someone says they own a bike by one or the other and how it's a great bike, how it's stiff and reactive but comfortable enough to ride centuries on. I'd just read any post on here about any random bike and pretend it's talking about the one you are interested in, it will be just as informative.

    (Ride ones you are interested in).
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    The one you like the look of the most ? Plenty of happy customers of both.
  • if its for a specific ride then take a look at the type of terrain, road conditions, stage distances.
    Is it the ride25?
    100miles a day over 4.5 days?

    what are the key design features of those bikes and how will they help on this ride?
    Do they take 25/28 tyres if you're in the saddle for prolonged distances on consecutive days?
  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    All good advice above although geometry/fit will probably differentiate between the two.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    I've always found them both OK & there complete bikes are great value. If I was buying a frame & forks for 700 though I's probably go for something a bit more up market if I'm honest. Might even consider used. In addition, if you want value I'd also look at Kinesis: ... meset_2011 There's this : ... -pid2.html This looks interesting too: ... 2012_Frame Depends what you are after of course.

    Edit - also this: ... ame-and-fo
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  • Neither. I'd probably get the cheapo Canyon Endurance. Or if you are buying the frame and fork you can get the carbon for this price. No brainer really.
  • GEPCGEPC Posts: 123
    Thanks for the comments people. Please don't stop.
    It is Ride 25 that I am doing. I did the Pioneers ride from Geneva to Milan last year. It was a great experience so I am going again this time.

    I think the Trigon frame mentioned is a good option. I also really like the Canyon although I will need to find a few hundred quid more to get the carbon frame. Could well be worth it though.

    Any more comments are very welcome.
  • letap73letap73 Posts: 1,608
    The trigon frame is great value and with the right components makes a high class bike, see the cycling plus review on the cycle division website.
  • I've worked at Planet X and I now work at Cycledivision.
    I thought planet x was a great company but the Trigon is a far superior frame.
    Trigon make carbon parts for Zipp, Look, Ritchey, Pinarello, Shimano and many others. The frames are top quality.
    You'd be looking at a TR426 frame now as the RQC29 is nearly sold out apart from a few small sizes.

    Do a google search on Trigon. They really do produce a quality item.
    Ive just given back a Trigon TR437 demo bike and its in the top three bikes I've ever ridden (TCR advanced SL, Scott Addict team issue being the other 2)

    I wasn't sure what to expect from trigon and I was blown away.

    I've had a fair few demo bikes over the last few years had demo days out on some very nice kit and the Trigon is up there.

    I'm not saying Planet X are but. Some of their sub £1000 builds are incredible value, judging by frame alone however it would be Trigon any day..... Or a Caad 10.
  • nigelgosnigelgos Posts: 128
    PX have a 20% staff discount code floating around that was working last week, if it's still working then the value at PX probably won't be beaten.

    I just paid £560 (20% off £700) for a nice Cinelli Saetta Radical 2014 frameset. Not too many of them around and a solid/light frame.

    BSA BB and alloy dropout clamp areas are a plus for me too.
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