Advice - First Road Bike + Triathlon ambition

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Hi all,

I set myself the enviable ambition of a sprint triathlon next year with a relatively easy 25km Cycle. However, i intend to use this as a springboard to do more... Just not sure what yet...

I'm currently using a MTB with road/hard trail tyres and often put in a 'comfortable' 12 mile ride once home from work 2 nights a week, with a longer ride at weekends when possible.

I'm looking to transition to a Road bike and have several options that i've been looking at. I'm not looking to spend ooodles of money and so looking for the best bang for buck. That said, i also understand that the more you pay, the better you get so i'm looking at ~£700...

My options include:-

Cube Peloton Pro Compact Road Bike 2014 ~£660
Cube Peloton Race Road Bike 2014 ~£699
Planet X RT-58 Alloy Shimano Tiagra Road Bike ~£600
Little bit out of budget but... Planet X Pro Carbon Shimano 105 Road Bike ~£800
& ROSE PRO WSL-200 (The discontinued model)

I'm aiming for 105 as a minimum but would settle for Tiagra if necessary.

So... ideas on a postcard please :) Looking to get one for/after Christmas :)


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    Is that 20% discount code on Planet X still around ? Brings that last PX into the area. I know plenty of people who have done an Ironman race on those.

    For your sprint - you could easily use the MTB with road tyres on - but the further you go and the more you get into it - the more the bike would be a drawback for you.
  • I completely agree; The MTB would fit the bill.

    I'm using Strava to log my rides and the most noticeable difference i see against others is the Speeds they're hitting on flat sections where my gearing is a limitation. So basically looking for that next step in speed, efficiency and personal perfomance.

    If there is a 20% code for PlanetX i guess the next question is how does the Pro Carbon 105 compare to the Peloton Race (which has been my preference all along, more so when the price came down :lol:)
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    Second-hand Cervelo S1 with reversible seatpost can come in budget. I have used one of these to good effect in the past before buying a dedicated TT bike (and still cannot match my S1 time!)