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Buckled ZTR Flow

KeithRannKeithRann Posts: 50
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Hi Guys

I recently had a ZTR Flow laced to a Hope Pro 2 Evo at my local bike shop, I rode the bike for a quick 1-2 hour XC ride followed by a visit to Bike Park Wales. The spokes are now very lose and the wheel has a slight buckle.

Should I have had the spokes tightened after the first ride and my question is, will this rim be the same again?


  • Shouldn't have needed the spokes tightened after one ride but that's why you should run your fingers around your spokes on a quick tension check before you ride (or when you clean it after a ride).

    The rim should be fine, but that depends on how buckled is buckled!!!
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  • I know, but you know how it is... a late night ride then straight to Wales at 6am in the morning!!

    Only slightly, just annoyed I bought a semi-DH rim and it buckled without any major hits etc. To be fair though I don't hang about and it was probably more of a twist down Rim Dinger than anywhere else.
  • The rim has no strength whatsoever if it's not built correctly though, so it wouldn't have mattered what rim you'd have.

    I'd be taking it back to the LBS and presenting it over the head of the bloke that built it.
    Trail fun - Transition Bandit
    Road - Wilier Izoard Centaur/Cube Agree C62 Disc
    Allround - Cotic Solaris
  • My thoughts exactly, I will explain that I have been on 2no. rides and I never had this with my last wheelset. I would have thought they will have been able to strengthen for next time a little more!
  • peter413peter413 Posts: 5,120
    Definitely sounds like a dodgy build to me. Sounds like the spokes weren't pre stressed properly. If that had been done properly the spokes would still be tight as they were when built and the wheel shouldn't need touched until later down the line unless it takes a bad hit. I've never needed to touch wheels after the first ride when built properly. In fact I've been hammering my back one for over a year and it hasn't been touched once and the same story over two years for the front. Both are Flow EX's.

    The fault is in no way with the rim.
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