Campy 8 speed cassette with 9 speed ergos?

carl1983 Posts: 162
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As the title really, Will an 8 speed cassette work with 9 speed shifters?



  • keezx
    keezx Posts: 1,322
    No, unless you apply some modifications.
    -Clamp cable closer to the outside of the derailleur.
    -Mount a Shiftmate.
  • Monty Dog
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    ..or fit some 9-speed spacers
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • shaw8670
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    Often components will work with each other. I have Shimano 8 sp bar end shifters working well with 9 sped Campag cassette and rear mech. There is a sprocket at the end I can't get, but the rest index well! Give it a go. the tolerances in 8 and 9sp aren't much different. Give it a go!
    Greetings from the wet and windy North west
  • keezx
    keezx Posts: 1,322
    Some things work good, some don't.
    If the "pitch"difference is 0,4 mm (8-9 speed) it won'work properly, I wouldn't even try.