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Waterproof shorts

jayno27jayno27 Posts: 6
edited December 2014 in MTB buying advice
Hi, can anyone recommend me some waterproof shorts.
Was gonna get these ... cyan-large
but they're out of stock in my size ( 32-34 waist )
Thanks J


  • My daughter has got me some Tenn Outdoors for xmas, but for the 12 months I have been using these gore tex army leggings £8 of ebay, chop the legs off to what length you want hem them and away you go.
    Might not be in the front of the queue for looking like Mr super cool but you certainly have a dry a**e.
  • I'm on my second pair of Endura waterproof shorts now. The first were eVent fabric and were outstanding however after 4 years they gave up the ghost. Not a bad return considering the amount of use they had in that time.

    I've replaced them with the newer PTFE version which I have no doubt will be equally as good.

    I also have a pair of the above surplus shorts which are great st keeping you dry however its worth remembering these sre designed as overtrousers so have a sail like fit and waist is on an elasticated draw cord. They do pack down nice & small so are good to have in your pack for emergencies or when you can't odds the weather.
    Wow great ship man. Looks like a fish, flies like a fish, steers like a cow.

  • Cheers guys, they look ideal !
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