Audax on the telly - BBC2 Scotland, 9th December 7pm



  • Marcus, I just watched it on iPlayer. Superb film of an amazing event, you all deserve massive credit for doing it, well done indeed! Great to see a selection of "life stories".

    I'm lucky enough to live in Scotland and the documentary showed it off very well, I can't wait to have our family holidays up north again next year.
  • crescent
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    I can only concur with all the above comments, a real hidden gem of a programme and this episode was one of the best I have seen. The camera work was superb and showed the beautiful scenery off magnificently. A real credit to all involved, competitors and programme makers alike.
    I think if they shorten it to 1200km next year it might become too easy though :wink:
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  • Fantastic programme!

    Although I think your all bonkers :D