TT/Aero Bar Shape

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I'm going get a set of TT/Aero bars for my club's TT and several triathlons next season, before taking the plunge and getting a dedicated TT bike.

I notice they come in several shapes, from straight, s-curved and bent. But how do I know which option is right for me?


I've also seen some which mount to the underside of the bars, others to the top, again how do I know which ones I need? I imagine this is easier to establish than the shape, as it'll be driven by my position on the bike.

Will a bike fit get me to a point where there's an obvious choice, or is it simply trial and error?
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  • Road bike TT fits are guesswork and a waste of money. Just get the bars use them and adapt your position yourself until you are comfy. Loads of articles on the internet to help.

    Underslung mounting is better as it means you can get lower on the bike.

    Of the options there I'd recommend the bottom one with the bend at the end for a first time, as it gives a nice comfy firm grip without having to twist your wrists too much.
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    Straight might look more aero - but it put my wrist in an unnatural position - very uncomfy - and I could feel the tension in my back with it.

    I'd vote for the upturned ones.
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    I use the shape of the second one down - my clipons are the overbar type - it's a reasonable start as you're probably not going to be able to use the lowest setting anyway - but the underbar option will give you more scope if you're not going to get a dedicated TT frame/setup.

    Wrist bends will depend on how flexible your wrists are - mine are fine which is why I'm happy with the S bend.
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    Lower is not always better.

    Trial and error I'm afraid.