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Affordable Rain Jacket for Newb

BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
edited November 2014 in Road buying advice

I'm trying to track down a suitable rain jacket that's not too over the top on the money side.
I ride 10-20 miles 2-3 times a week, so not a lot compared to "real" cyclists.

Now that its getting cold, I need to add some more layers and looking for some advice. I'm now a big fan of Wiggle, so have been looking through all of that a bit. At the moment, I ride in an Under Armour HeatGear compression top with a jersey over the top. I have some very nice comfortable Endura shorts and I wear some cheap muddy fox tights over the top (that I bought from sports direct). Just bought some shoe covers and long finger gloves so waiting to try them out.

I do have this Specialized (it says wind jacket) ... white-info
Which is amazing because it's super super lightweight, I wear it over the top of that above. But anything more than VERY light drizzle and I'm soaked.

Any input would be great, Thanks! :)


  • BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
    Oh yeah, Wiggle have 25% off DHB until Thursday 27th, so if I could find something suitable to make the most of that that would be fantastic! ... 4294789716

    The trouble I have is being a bit uninitiated as to what features I should be going for. I've seen some jackets but then things indicate they are heavy or sweaty etc.
  • kajjalkajjal Posts: 3,380
    Do you have an idea on your budget and size ?
  • You don't have to overthink it, mate. All waterproof jackets will make you sweat. Just get one you like the look of and you can afford. I have this currently 25% off until 27th.
  • BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
    Thanks for the replies.

    I'd say budget around £50 although cheaper is always ideal. How do you find that one Hebden? Looks thin enough, as long as it keeps the rain out :)

    I like the look of this: ... of-jacket/

    Which comes out at around £64.00

    My only thought is that these are black - would if not be better to get a bright colour - I try to bike in the daylight and have some reflective scotch tape on it's way to add to the bike/helmet for dusk

    (my bike and helmet are white)
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Get something like Hebden above has.

    Not sure I agree that all waterproofs are going to make you sweat though.
    The cheap ones are going to make you sweat instantly, but if you get a half decent one you will be fine doing the milage you stated at the intensity that suggests.

    My most used combo is a windproof soft-shell jersey (they are sometimes called jackets, but if it has 3 pockets its a jersey :wink: ) with a light water resistant or waterproof in the pocket.
    That way I am protected from the cold, wind and light rain, whilst retaining great breathability, for most, if not all of the ride.
    If it rains heavily I whip out the water resistant/waterproof lightweight, and can put back (to increase breathability again) when it stops.

    I say water resistant or waterproof outer layer as I choose depending on the ride/weather.
    A water resistant/showerproof one is fine over a soft-shell as the combination of the two should get you through most rain with better breathability.
    Or suffer the poor breathability and have a waterproof in the pocket.

    The key is that you are not having to wear it unless it is actually raining properly, and maximising breathability when its not.
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    Brilliant stuff and in high viz option.
  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    Carbonator wrote:

    Not sure I agree that all waterproofs are going to make you sweat though.
    The cheap ones are going to make you sweat instantly, but if you get a half decent one you will be fine doing the milage you stated at the intensity that suggests.

    It's the cycling makes you sweat :D but most jackets, eeven so-called breathable ones, are relly pretty far from breathable except under the lightest of exercise condition.

    I have an Endura jacket - it has a nice soft feel to it, and isn't stiff or crackly if you know what I mean. ... tAodmW4ADg

    I get sweaty alright, but at least I'm warm and sweaty!
  • gabriel959gabriel959 Posts: 4,227
    If you want a waterproof jacket Deacthlon do a really good one for £20 which is very nice. I use it for commuting and short rides (20 miles) and it keeps me dry. ... 21258.html
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  • I always thought that to stop water getting in you ultimately have to stop sweat getting out. So the more waterproof the jacket is the less breathable and vice versa.

    It seems that only very high end jackets (gabba etc..) seem to mix the two properties and get it right (ish) but they are way out of budget.

    I have a cheap Altura rain coat that cost me £20 in the sale. If its wet and cold its great as the boil in a bag effect keeps me nice and warm. And if its warm the rain is usually quite refreshing so who needs a rain coat !!!
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  • BiomechBiomech Posts: 158
    Thanks for all of the replies.

    So I bought 2, the plan was get them both with the promotion and then send back the one that I didn't want.
    Then I figured I could give one to my dad for Christmas

    They turned up this morning - I like the both :(

    I got Heb's recommendation: ... ng-jacket/
    It's thicker, lined, zip vents and really nice. But not sure how "pocketable" it is yet.

    And also this hi viz one: ... iz-jacket/
    Which is bright, no vents or pockets, but is thinner (yet thicker than my Endura "dribble proof" one)
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