Problem bleeding Shimano BR-M575 Brakes

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Brakes on my bike are completely messed up the levels completely lost pressure because I bought it to a bike shop and they tried to fix it but couldn't and made it all a lot worse. A second bike shop also said they couldn't fix it. I have a full bleed kit but I'm having an issue when I attempt to follow the bleed procedure. I am following this video on youtube:
The problem I am having is that when I get to the part when I start to push new mineral from the syringe into the bleed nipple and should expect to see it start to come up into the reservoir, it doesn't work like how it shows it on the video. In the video they get a substantial amount of mineral come up into the reservoir which they can then use to bleed the air out of the system. In my case I get a tiny bit of mineral come up into the reservoir and then the pressure gets so high that there is no way to keep the tube and syringe connected to the bleed nipple and no matter how hard I try it always bursts off and I can get no more mineral in. As you can see in the video they do not seem to have that problem, they are able to push oil into the system with relative ease.

I'm hoping someone here has seen this before and knows what could be causing this.