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Boardman 29er (or Cube)

Pedal HeadPedal Head Posts: 66
edited November 2014 in MTB buying advice
Been on the verge of buying a mid range 29er HT as a winter ride for mainly local flat (ish) trails & had just about settled on a Cube Ltd before noticing Halfords have 15% off until Wed. Unfortunately you can't get to demo a Boardman in anger although I have had a short albeit tame blast on a mates 18" pro. Just wondering if anyone has experience of the two?

Thoughts are on my brief ride on the Boardman that it felt very long in the TT (it's ~30mm longer than a 17" Cube), I'm not convinced that a 16" would suit as according to the charts it would come up a bit short & has 170mm cranks, I'd also be looking at the Team not the Pro, the team comes with Sram whereas I'd have to swap the Shimano shifters & mech on the Cube but I'd also get Rebas as opposed to 30's. Price wise they are about the same.

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