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26"/27.5" Frames

rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
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Im thinking of replacing my Mega frame with something that takes 26" or 27.5" wheels, maybe using different drop outs.
Needs to suit a 150mm tapered fork and 135x12 or 142x12 rear and a 190x50 shock.
Obviously I'm struggling to find anything to suit other than a Banshee Spitfire V2.
Are there other options?


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,783
    Many 26" frames will take 27.5 wheels and tyres, only half an inch bigger radius for the same size tyre, also many forks are also now common so they don't have to make two different but similar lowers, key thing is to look at clearances, that said a bike with those numbers will generally run largish tyres which will give you the same rolling radius as a regular sized 650b tyre on a 26" wheel anyway!
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  • Lewis ALewis A Posts: 767
    What's wrong with the spitfire?
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  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    A mate has a Spitfire. On his second frame to replace the first one which wasn't straight. The replacement is also crooked. Call me old fashioned but I like straight frames. I have heard of them bending or breaking shocks, also because of being crooked.
    A 27.5 wheel would probably fit my frame but clearance will be tight on full compression, the fork is tight on clearance with a 26" wheel and I don't want smaller volume tyres.
    The reason I want a new frame is that the Mega TR is very slightly long for me. I have some nice 26" wheels so I want to continue using them on a new frame but I want the option of changing to 27.5 when I need wheels again next time.
  • Angus YoungAngus Young Posts: 3,063
    eBay the 26ers and just move on.
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  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    I quite like my Hope wheels and my budget doesn't allow another grand for new wheels, tyres and forks.
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