Partial frame re-spray?

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Is it possible to have only part of a frame professionally re-sprayed? I have a beautiful mid 80s steel Moser frame in Columbus SLX. Fits me perfectly and rides like a dream. Unfortunately the paint is going a bit around the bottom bracket and particularly around one of the brazed on cable guides on the top tube. The seat and chain stays are chromed, and in good nick. Its blue with a white head tube and band on the seat and down tube.


I’d go for a full re-spray, however, F. Moser is painted onto the white sections, rather using decals. As the white is in perfect order, I’m wondering if I can only get the blue replaced, basically the main frame triangle? If the white is preplaced I’d almost certainly need to use decals for the large F. Moser branding. I’d prefer the painted name if possible.
The bike is set up as a single speed at the moment, but I’m tempted to fit a modern silver Athena groupset to create a Sunday best bike, if I can find a good deal on a 10sp groupset.


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    Ask Argos Cycles (In Bristol) - I'm sure the answer would be yes.

    There are others of course (Vaz Finishes in SW London come to mind, as does Rourke), but I've used and been pleased with Argos's work.
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    The good sprayers can copy and make a stencil and you can have the F Moser bit painted on, so why not a full spray? Phone around and ask them.

    I was recommended Atlantic Boulevard as I am thinking of respraying my C40 which is a hell of a complex job and they did one for the bloke that recommended them who said it was a perfect job. Another one to contact.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'd assumed the quality of the painted writing would not be that good. I've seen a couple of pretty shoddy examples. But I guess some sprayers get a good reputation for a reason...
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    Should be able to have the damaged parts blown in - after all, if you get a scrape on your car, you don't get the whole thing resprayed. Much better than a full respray anyway; really a last resort which kills a lot of the charm of an old frame with its original paint largely intact. Devalues it too though it doesn't sound like a bike you'll want to sell anyway!

    (And gets some gears and nice wheels on it asap! It deserves them!)
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    Yup - should be a relatively simple job for a decent spray shop - recommendations as above all sound good.
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    Thanks again for the suggestions, I'll give a few painters a call and see what can be done. We had my son's bike resprayed at Colour-tech in Dartford a couple of years back, and they did a good job, so I may give them a call first.