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Hub bearing maintenance

Scoob84Scoob84 Posts: 76
edited November 2014 in Workshop
Tinkering away on the bike in the garage last night, one thing led to another and i ended up taking my rear wheel hub apart to take a look at whats inside, give everything a wipe clean and apply some fresh grease.

In the process i discovered that the hub has four cartridge bearings. The two which are housed in the hub (both different sizes) seemed nice and smooth, but the two bearings in the free hub seems a bit gritty and could probably do with replacing sometime in the near future.

I've got no experience with replacing hub bearings, but is there a general standardised size for the two bearings in the freehub? If not, is there anyway of finding out without resorting to buying expensive measuring tools?

The wheels in question are Vision Trimax T30. The limited information about these wheels online leads me to think that they may have been discontinued.


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