Back to Work Mehnday...

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Mehning Losers!

I've had a shoot night's sleep, unsurprisingly. My brain wouldn't let me sleep until about 2am, and then I've been pretty much awake since the heating turned on at 4:30 :evil: Weird thing is, I don't feel particularly tired, meaning it'll hit me later.

So, back to work, go through all the carp that happened last week, then some football training in the evening.

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  • tlw1
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    The joys of another working week await!
  • ste_t
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    Morning slags.

    Today can fark right off.

    Laters (unless I throttle somebody and the police take me away.)
  • arran77
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    Morning biatches.

    Run out of enthusiasm for work for the year now, just as well there's less than 4 working weeks left until next year :D

    Need to fit new taps in the bathroom tonight so I need to borrow a tap wrench from the father in law.

    Until then tea and more tea :mrgreen:
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  • bg13
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    Hola gits,

    Been doing plumbing shizzle today, brazing pipes and stuff, it's a piece of p1ss i tell thee!

    French class in a few minutes with the obligatory letch over the teacher!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • ste_t
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    Evening gimps,

    How everyone made it through the day alive I do not know.

    Time to chill out with a guinness or 2.

  • Stevo_666
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    Evening Gimps,

    Been out for a sneaky Monday sherbert or two. Helps start the week off, which is only a 4 day week anyway :)
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