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China Ti Chainstay size

BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
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I am about to commission a titanium frame from China.
I like the look of The Van Nic Aquilo and want a fast bike to replace the Caad9 which has never been a good fit.
The bike is going to get thrashed.
Aquilo uses a 31.8 x 0.9 chainstay.
I would like to buy from Cielo Rosso but the maximum chainstay size is 22.2 x 0.9
I am waiting to see if they can use a thicker tube.
Does 31.8 sound big for a chainstay?
I do want a stiff frame to replace the Caad.


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    31.8mm is overkill for a chainstay. I specc'd a custom titanium frame for a friend after he bust his Litespeed - 22x1.2 were fitted and he's no problem with flexing. FWIW Cielo Rosso buy their frames from Waltly titanium and they're pretty good at responding to customer needs - I've bought 2 frames direct. If you want a stiff frame, it's not just the chainstays but also the downtube and bottom bracket - a 48mm downtube, BB86 and wide-spaced, non-crimped chainstays
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
    Thanks Monty
    What kind of weight would you expect a road frame from Waltly?
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    edited November 2014
    If you want a stiff bike, forget titanium, it will become too heavy if stiff like the Caad.
    Even with a 30,9 chainstay it will have to ovalized and loose lateral stiffness.
    Thicker wallthickness may help a bit, but not much.
    Ovalizing downtube (lateral widest) at the BB will help.
    At a decent weight (lets say 1,4 kg) it will always be less stiff then oversize alloy.
    I can send you a drawing from my titanium frame I had build 2 years ago and is stiff enough for me. (it feels weaker then an alloy but it doesn't bother me.)

    Interesting prizes at Cielo Rosso......about the same (little bit more) I paid two years ago direct from China (incl bank fee & shipping)....bookmarked.
  • BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
    Thanks Keezx.
    So the Van Nic Aquilo is no better than the Caad?
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    Not as a racing bike I has other qualities.
    Allthough I'm 62 I still race (Masters 60+) but not on the titanium bike.
    Cheap alloy is better for racing, lighter and stiffer and not much lost if you crash.
    If you're after a 53 cm you're not a big guy I suppose , so titanium can be raced though.
    Stiffness is way overrated unless you are really big and powerful.
  • BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
    My plan is to use the following tubes
    Are these suitable for a race frame ?
    78 kilo off season
    53 cm frame
    Chain stays 22.2 x 1.6
    Seat stays 17x0.9
    Seat tube 34.9x0.9 with shim to fit 27.2mm seat post
    Top Tube 34.9x0.9
    Down tube 48x0.9
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    edited November 2014
    Looks plenty material, but it won't be light with those fat tubes.....and probably overkill.
    Chainstays good, but personally I would take the seat- and top tubes 31,8x0,9 and downtube 44x0,9 to keep some
    "springiness"in the frame., which I like (maybe you don't)
  • BozabykaBozabyka Posts: 252
    I cant get a frame off the shelf so I need to go custom due to an injury.
    So I have two choices steel or ti.
    Titanium doesn't rust:)
  • keezxkeezx Posts: 1,316
    Well, for me it was also the custom option why I chose titanium.
    Why buy steel or aluminium if you can get titanium for less?
    If I could get a custom steel frame for 500€ I would have chosen that, but those times are over in W-Europe.
    Please keep us informed about your expierience with Cielo Rosso, would like another one.....
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