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Frame adaptor: V-brake to Disc

booldawgbooldawg Posts: 290
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I have and old Scott frame (circa 1999/2000) in my possession that's been hanging around the garage for some time now. It rides really well and hold nostalgic value as it was my first 'proper' MTB and I rode it a lot.

I have enough parts to build up a complete bike. The only thing is the frame doesn't have the lugs for a rear disc brake. I've seen something on Amazon that seems to have good reviews - wondered if anyone on here has 1st hand experience of the product? ... +converter
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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    They work, but if the frame wasn't designed to handle disc it could break. The forces are totally different.

    I'd just leave Vs on the back. They work fine and the rear doesn't do much work.
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