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  • Can I ask, why did you change the brake calipers from a cable system to a cable system?

    Not trying to be funny, genuinely interested. I have a 2014 Croix De Fer as well.
  • I upgraded to TRP HyRd's because I felt the Hayes brakes weren't that great - well not compared to the BB7's which were on the bike I tried................that's just my opinion.

    The TRP's are fantastic - so pleased I opted for them.
  • OK, thank you. I just thought they were another pair of 'normal' cable brakes. Didn't realise they were hydraulic calipers.
  • I didn't use the rotors that came with the TRP's - I used these instead ... -160mm.htm
  • The reason this caught my eye is because I am always clipping the OEM rear caliper/cable interface with my left heel and I wonder if your unit protrudes less than the OEM.

    Do you have any opinion or comment?
  • Sorry - I haven't had that issue
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