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Greetings from the only B'Twin Rafal 740 owner in the world

Jayz58Jayz58 Posts: 8
edited November 2014 in MTB general
I was looking to buy a XC mountain bike for my daily 14 mile commute. After looking at Canyon, Cube, Merida etc I stubbled across the B'Twin Rafal 740. I've bought it based on the spec ( ... 14897.html) because there are no reviews of it anywhere. I don't know much about bikes, I was previously riding a Carrera Fury based on the review on bikeradar, so I'm slightly nervous that I've just spent £899 on a bike that nobody else seems to own and no magazine or site has ridden and reviewed. Anybody know why this might be?

I'd love to hear from anybody else who took the plunge.


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