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sit up and beg bikes

tarpitmantarpitman Posts: 3
edited November 2014 in Commuting general

after 15 years of riding in london on hybrids, track & road bikes, .. think its about time i should try a bike with a 'sit up and beg' or upright position. went to copenhagen last year for the first time and fell completely in love with the laid back vibes. with riding seemingly getting more and more dangerous and aggressive in london. i just want something a bit less aggressive if that makes sense ? i just want to take my time.

i know i could get mudguards, change handlebar positions, etc but id rather just get a new bike through c2w (£1k budget) as i still love riding each type for their own reasons and would like the option to choose my steed according to how i feel that day. my commute varies between 6-10 miles each way.

ideally would like it a bit lighter than average but also maintaining the hub gear, racks for groceries, sit up position.

was looking at the batavus blockbuster / gazelle / work cycles but after calling bikefix, they said suggested i should get a fahrradmanufaktur t100 hs11 nexus, but from looking at the geometry i cant help but think it has more of a hybrid position than upright. was going to go down there this afternoon but wondered if anyone had any ideas or suggestions, other places I can try .. in london

thanks in advance !


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