khamsin vs r501

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Looking at getting a new pair of wheels to replace a pair of mavic cxp22 with no-brand hubs.
Is it worth paying the extra £30-40 for the khamsins over the shimano r501's?
Do you think I will notice any difference with either of these over the cxp22's?



  • paul1000
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    At that price point, no. They are throw away winter wheels, I would probably go for the khamsins though, they have lasted the longest of all the winter wheels I've used.
  • OK thanks, I'll give the khamsins a go.
    Can't go wrong with Campagnolo!
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    i'm a noob, so correct me if i'm wrong
    but isn't Shimano only build wheels with Shimano compatible cassette? and so does campy with their campy only cassette?
    i hope you didn't forget cassette compatibility there..

    btw, i'm currently running WH-R501-30.. they're heavy, but bomb proof.. 2000++gr
    the R501 also uses a J bend spoke which is easier to find here in my country in case if it snaps
    i would recommend a 501 for training
    for racing.. absolutely not
  • On the wiggle site there is an option for a shimano/sram compatible freehub. So it is possible to run a shimano cassette campag wheels.
    I hope so anyway!
  • paul1000
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    Campagnolo khamsins come in campag or shimano and use j bend spokes, they are the same as fulcrum7, which ever is cheaper go for.
  • I ordered some Khamsins G3.

    Do these have conventional j shaped spokes, despite their unconventional design?
  • paul1000
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    Yes they do
  • gsk82
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    khamsin are an utter T*** to get tyres on and off
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