8speed cassette on 9/10 speed hub

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I am considering buying these wheels:
with the shimano/sram hub option.

It says that they are 9/10/11 speed compatible but I want to put an 8 speed cassette on.

Will I need any spacers or should it just fit?

There is some conflicting information as for the G3 wheels there is an answer to a question that says they don't need a spacer but on the non G3 wheelset page there is an answer saying that they do need a spacer, even though I presume they have the same hub.

Thanks for any clarification.


  • pinno
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    Call Wiggle and ask for workshop. They are pretty helpful. i am sure you'll need a spacer.
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  • Ouija
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    8 and 9 speed cassettes are identically sized. So if the wheels don't need a spacer for a 9 speed they wont need one for 8. And, conversely, will need one for 8 if it does for 9. So if you can find out what the situation is with 9 you've solved your problem. Though anything that can take a big 11 speed cassette suggests to me that spacers would be required on the lower numbered variety.
  • Thanks very much. I'll give Wiggle a ring I think, just to check.