Gear ratio change

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What is required when changing size of rear cassette?

Going from a 12-28 to a 12-32 possible to just change it without any other modifications to the derailleur etc?

Any advice would be much appreciated


  • dinyull
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    Depends if you're ruining a medium/large cage rear mech or not?!

    If your running a short cage your gonna need a new rear mech and either way you'd need a new chain.
  • dj58
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    What is your existing transmission setup?
  • Yeah, need more details to say whether it'll work or not.

    As a start though, you'll want a new chain to go with it and to read some articles on B-screw adjustment once you've fitted it. Another option is a 12-30 if you're running Shimano 10-speed, the 4600 Tiagra cassettes are pretty solid and you should notice a decent difference from the 28. I went from a 27 to a 30 and it was certainly noticeable.