SRAM Rival 10 - Biggest cassette?

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Anyone know if a SRAM Force 10 speed rear mech will accommodate a cassette with a largest cog of 30 teeth?


  • Which force is it? If it is the new one I am pretty sure it only comes in short cage mech, meaning it won't take the 30 teeth cassette.
  • proto
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    Just realised my mistake, it's a Rival 10 speed. Few years old.
  • There is the WiFli variation which is the long cage version of them, otherwise, from what I can tell, they are short cages.
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    Biggest is 28. Above that you'll need a Wi-Fli rear derailleur.
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  • I upgraded mine from a 28 to a 32 cassette. You will need the medium/long cage derailleur as well. Keep an eye out for end of line WiFli kits. PlanetX had some good deals, but I think they sold out.
  • I have short cage Rival running fine on my road bike with a 30-12 and a short cage Force 10spd on my tt bike which I have used with the same cassette for a long TT with a large hill in the middle and have had no problems with either