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Easton EA70 SL experience?

KnutdeIJsbeerKnutdeIJsbeer Posts: 4
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Im looking into buying a new wheelset in the Fulcrum R3 / Zonda pricerange. I stumbled upon a special offer for the Easton EA 70 SL wheelset: only 200 GBP.

The review on this website is not that positive but that's partly because of the pricetag at the time of review. Anyone out there who has experience with these wheels and how they compare to r3/zonda? ... -14-48192/


  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    Personally, I wouldn't touch Easton wheels with a barge pole. Never heard of any other brand having as many problems with them as they do. Not suggesting ALL Easton wheels are bad but enough to put me off them especially in such a competative market. Think you would be better off with the Zonda's myself
  • Nobody has ridden these wheels?
  • I think for 200 quid they are a good buy. Simple construction, J bend spokes at the rear, wide rims, reasonable spoke count, what's not to like about them?
    I can't see anything there that can go wrong in a way that cannot be fixed, unlike the Zonda mentioned above, for instance
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