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Specialised Allez 2014 Advice Needed

AdrianhAdrianh Posts: 21
edited November 2014 in Road buying advice
I'm minded to replace my 2009 Allez with a new Allez Sport/Elite 14' or 15'. I'm wondering whether the new-year 2015 model is worth going for, as opposed to the run-out discounted 2014 model. The Allez Sport (charcol/grey) is currently discounted to £600 from £750. I'm a commuter and noticed that the 14/15 Allez also doesn't have pannier lugs (for Ortileb panniers), though I understand p-clips can be bought and attached.

Any thoughts/advice welcome.


Adrian, London

PS: I really like the Specialised Allez though I'm aware of the Secteur option...


  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    My advice would be (bites tongue) to get a bike with pannier mounts rather than use p-clips.
  • Mmmn. I'm not sure the recent Allez(s) offer that. I do trust the Allez brand...
  • BobbinogsBobbinogs Posts: 4,841
    I am not clear about what you are hoping to get from a newer Allez? I had a 2008 Elite (with the Alu frame bonded to carbon seatstays) and that went really well until the bonding fell apart. So, for me, the solution was a 2011 E5 Allez Comp frameset for £200 off ebay and I was up and running again. Hence, I am a big fan of the Allez but wouldn't replace one for another unless I had to.

    Unless you have a good reason to buy a newer Allez, why not just ride the one you have through the winter, save your cash and then buy a Tarmac in the spring? The geo is the same and you will get a much better bang for your buck. The Allez will do for next winter, etc. Oh, no panniers on the tarmac please, it just ain't right :wink:
  • Fair comment Bobbinogs. Now minded to keep the Allez 2010 frame and stick a Shimano-105-5700-sti-double-10-speed-road-lever-set on it with new cassette with a new 10-speed compatible rear wheel, plus new chain. That means I get to keep my panniers. As suggested by London's Covent Garden Specialised store this pm.

    See ... 60416639uk
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,498
    The Allez is more a race bike than a touring - no lugs for panniers or guards since 2011 when I got mine. You can use p clips but it isn't as satisfactory and I got a Tricross with lugs for commuting and touring.
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