Recommend me a waterproof jacket

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I'm in the market for a lightweight, waterproof jacket to use on evening/weekend rides (20-50miles). Due to the distances involved I don't think it would need to be super storm-proof, but should be good enough to keep me dry on these type of rides.

As such I am currently considering one of the following:

- Gore Element GT ... lack-12669

- Adidas ... duct/49160

Note: Cycle Surgery do actually have the Gore Element GT (I tried one for size earlier), it's just not on their web-site yet.

Does anybody have opinions of either of these - or suggest an alternative?

Out of interest, what would you wear under one of these jackets - presumably a normal base-layer or cycling jersey?

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    I have a gore windstopper jacket I use for road and mountain biking. The only thing is it is quite warm and I don't use it until the temperatures get down to about 10C. Underneath I have a merino base layer and unless there is a really cold wind that does me fine but whatever you prefer works fine. If it does get very cold I just add more layers. But don't risk road riding in the ice.

    Main thing is it fits you properly and is suitable for the riding you intend to do.