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De Rosa Idol 2015 Blue and White (updated pics)

sancho_uksancho_uk Posts: 141
edited May 2015 in Your road bikes
Hi All,

Wasnt happy with the lighting in the first pics so got some sunny ones today :)

After catching the cycling bug 2 years ago and getting many smiles out of my Focus Cayo 2.0, I decided it was time to take the plunge and go for the bike my heart desired not just my head looking for a bargain Spec vs £££...

So after attending the Cycling Show and Birmingham and looking at everything that was on offer I saw this De Rosa and knew i had to have it!!

It came fitted with Fulcrum Quattro`s but i have swapped these out and put my Mavic Kysrium Elites on it. The Fulcrums now live on the Focus Cayo.

Other than that the bike is stock apart from the shorter stem I put on it 140mm was a little to large for me so brought that back to 100mm.

Frame Size is 59.5cm - Yes i am a lanky bean pole!
Chainset Ultegra 6800 11 spd.... I know i know Ultegra on a Italian bike sacrilege but i love it!
Wheels as above!
3T Finishing Kit throughout
Pro Logo saddle

Could do with better pics to be honest but here it goes...






And what it now the all year round bike the Focus!


Focus Cayo 2.0 Ultegra 2012


  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    Nice choice, great looking bike
  • Thanks Paul

    Pics dont do it justice really, just wanted something with a bit of colour for one!

    Rides and performs like a dream, shame it wont get much use for a bit now being the summer bike :)
    Focus Cayo 2.0 Ultegra 2012
  • Paul 8vPaul 8v Posts: 5,458
    You know with white bar tape this would look even cooler. It's not as hard to keep clean as everyone makes out
  • Great Bike,

    after the cycle show I've fallen for a Superking think i'll be putting in an order soon and duly lying to the wife about how much it cost....
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    2014 Canyon Ultimate Al
    2008 Kona Stinky
    2000 Specialized P3
  • Nice little collection you've got there. Either that white reflects light like crazy, or it was a VERY sunny day when you took those pictures! Bright!
  • nochekmatenochekmate Posts: 3,460
    What's going on with position of the bars and shifters? :shock:

    They look to be lining up nicely with the downtube (as did those on your Focus) Do you have a steel RSJ as a spine?
  • Thanks all

    I pondered getting the SuperKing as well lovely looking bike, but went with this in the end.

    It was a very rare sunny day hence the glare, but the in house photos didnt really show the true blue colour so these photos are best of a bad bunch.

    Bar positioning is comfortable for me, so its how i have them.. I dont think they are quite as extreme as they look in the pictures i think its just cause both bikes are lent against something for the pics and not perfectly straight.. :mrgreen:
    Focus Cayo 2.0 Ultegra 2012
  • sancho_uksancho_uk Posts: 141
    Thought i would add a couple more pics... Done a little bit of tweaking... Changed the bar tape from Black to White personally think it really alters the looks and am very pleased :)



    Focus Cayo 2.0 Ultegra 2012
  • noodlemannoodleman Posts: 852
    Nice. Got one myself, although it's a di2 disc model. Spent a small fortune on wheels, stem, bars, saddle, seatpost and dura ace chainset in an effort to get it down to a respectable weight. Any idea what yours weighs?
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  • sigorman85sigorman85 Posts: 2,536
    That looks smart I did have a idol disc but that's a long story but it should be back in a few weeks I hope ... Looks good with the white bar tape! I used baby wipes on my old Planet X that had white bar tape ..

    Ps keep an eye out on them stays mine cracked!
    When i die I just hope the wife doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it other wise someone will be getting a mega deal!!!

    De rosa superking 888 di2
  • sancho_uksancho_uk Posts: 141
    Sorry for the delay in replying gentlemen, ive been away :(

    In all honesty weight wise I have no idea, I havent weighed it purely because i bought the bike because i loved it not because i wanted to obsess over its weight... I think the second i go down that route im treading a dangerous path so for now im happy to live in ignorance.

    Thanks for the heads up on the stays i will keep an eye out.. It gets a good clean after every outing along with the focus though so i should spot something amiss pretty quickly!
    Focus Cayo 2.0 Ultegra 2012
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