HELP: How to untwist chain?

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In process of rebuilding my 1970s Carlton. Hit a snag yesterday during clean up of chain and gears. Chain is twisted. Cannot find link to undo it so trying to fix without doing that. How do I untwist? Any tips and tricks. Seemed to make some progress - after earlier seemingly making it even more knotted! However cannot really understand what I did t make the progress. Anyone any help? Or else it'll be spending at LBS and I am trying a do it yourself approach for now. Thanks!
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    I assume the chain is still on the bike? If so, get a chain tool and press out one of the pins (not all the way) to break the chain. There probably wont be a special link anyway. Untangle/untwist and press the pin back in. Or take the opportunity to replace the chain anyway, as you're rebuilding.