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I'm after a pair of unpadded bib tights to use over padded bib shorts.

Cheaper in the event of wrecking them in a crash and it means I can wear my decent shorts. Don't know why I'm explaining it, I'm sure many people also do this.

Any recommendations on said tights?

Found these:
Although they have no stirrups and the sizing seems pretty bad. Like many cyclists I'm tall and skinny so would need both a small and an extra large.

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  • I normally take at least XL in stuff (6ft 2, 95kgs) my Assos S7 were even an XLG but I ended up with Size Large in the DHB Vaeon Roubaix, go figure, the legs are even still a bit long.

    I would buy a couple of sizes and take advantage of free returns.

    Lots of hair poking through on the DHB tights though, not a huge problem but a bit unsightly. The material is comfy and warm though, had them down to about 5 deg C so far.
  • Polaris do the job for me .... With stirrups!
    Good price if I remember rightly ... JE James at the time.
    Still thinking of something clever to say!