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Archetype Black or Grey

pippi_langsamer-2pippi_langsamer-2 Posts: 1,470
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Can someone confirm whether the Archetype “Hard Grey”, anodised finish is the same as the black, or is it more resistant to brake wear? I’m doubting it, but just curious why they call it “Hard Grey”?


  • It's the same... the coat wears off in 100-200 miles

    I think the name is taken from other rims that were "hard anodised", like the legendary Ambrosio Nemesis and Mavic 1990s rims.
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  • Righto- ta...
  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076
    It just looks better than the black, matches a black tyre better but doesn't have the more in your face white text.
  • Yeah, I was wondering whether the grey version might not look as "worn", as the black once the brake track surface comes off?

    I know it's all just aesthetic bolleaux, but....

    Considering a pair on Hope Mono RS and trying tubeless for an everyday do-it-all wheel next year. Got C50 9000's & Ksyrium SR's for weekend race purposes.
  • leeefmleeefm Posts: 260
    If you don't mind considering other rims, you could go for a Pacenti SL23. It's got machined brake tracks so doesn't get that "worn" look that the archetypes have. It's tubeless compatible, and has very similar specs to the archetype. For a more stealthy look, you can easily remove the decals.
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  • You can use Archetype tubeless, but it's not a tubeless rim... I'd rather go for a tubeless rim if that's what you want to do. A 23 is cheap, a bit ugly, but it's a damn good rim and Pacenti is good but much pricier.
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  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    The pacenti is also alot stiffer than the A23 rim and lighter than the archetype. A23 rims seem to have a variable tension limit. I have had them go all wobbley at 1100N. Stopped using them after that. Also I have seem minor cracks appear at 1200N tension after a year of use. As the archetype is the same price as the A23 I struggle to see the point in the A23 rim.

    If you get a set of Pacenti SL23 rims built up you might even like them more than your DA C50's as they can be built up as race wheels too.

    I like the archetype quite alot and the grey rims look perfect with silver hubs and spokes. So that it will be nice. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • Yes, the Pacenti look nice but a bit pricey for what will essentially be a set of training wheels. I've got time to save up I suppose!

    Slightly OT, anyone any experience of trying to run Ksyrium SR tubeless (with a tubeless specific tyre)?
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