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Anyone been on a Gunnar Roadie/ Steel suggestions?

mrbisonmrbison Posts: 3
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Hi all,

Thinking pretty seriously about getting a new "modern" steel frame road bike. Best options (as in affordable) I've found are the Gunnar roadie and the All-City Mr. Pink. Gunnar uses "better" tubing for the roadie and its only $100 more than the All-City so I'm primarily looking at that option. Anyone have any other suggestions? Anyone actually been on these bikes? My options for local bike stores is pretty limited so I can't really go for a test ride unfortunately. Most steel bikes I'm finding are boutique, handmade frames which are $$$. Not that I wouldn't love a new Waterford or CoMotion or IF, etc. but I'm never going to be able to justify that kind of purchase to myself (and especially not my wife). I'm trying to stay under $1k for the frame. Any helpful suggestions/ recommendations very much appreciated. Thanks!


  • rafletcherrafletcher Posts: 1,235
    The best suggestion I can make is that you find a US based forum to ask on - this is a very European (well mainly UK) based one, and neither of those brands will be familiar "over here" (there is one UK dealer for Gunnar, and for what it is, it's very expensive here)
  • Thanks I had no idea :wink:
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