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Reverb Hiss

Th3PTh3P Posts: 91
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Would really appreciate some help, Ive just been checking my bike for a run this weekend after being injured for 2 months everything seemed ok until I went out for a quick blast and lowered the seatpost.
Operation wise it seems fine it lowers and raises every single time, The speed adjuster works fine. So I loosened the remote to allow some cable flex and lifted out the seatpost the cable (usually inside the frame) has marks from movement but no damage.
I then continued to push up and down and still continued to operate with a "air hiss" what seems to come from the connection near the cable meeting the seatpost.
I then removed the seat and checked and the PSI was at 245 so doesnt appear to have lost any air?

Do they make this noise? I dont seem to remember it!.....

The seatpost is around 4 months old as I had an issue with one at Ard Rock Enduro and SRAM swapped it for a new one there

Thanks in advance
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