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Hello, has anyone used this? If so what was the service like please? I've used Madison before but they're pretty horrendous to deal with.

I trashed my atmos helmet last night in a big off - I can't remember the details but it was probably due to being clipped by a car. I woke up in the grass verge (it was 7.30pm'ish so dark). I had been knocked out. Yes, I had lights - x2 on the rear, 1200 lumens up front plus a Knog blinker. Anyhow, just back from hospital after x-rays and ct scans (I have the headache from hell!). Concussion and the usual bruising, scrapes and friction burns. Lucky I guess?

I was also wearing my new gabba2 which after less than a weeks ownership and 4 rides is now sporting a small hole in the left rear shoulder. :(

I was on the winter bike (Giant scr) - going steady uphill......other than a twisted STI lever (now straight) all ok. Weird?!

Any advice on Zyro is welcome. Ta,Johnny


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    Zyro are a good company to deal with and they've had some teething issues since taking over the Giro distribution, but they're keen to make a good reputation as their distributor. You shouldn't have a problem.
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  • Sorry to hear about your "accident".

    I trashed a Monza a while ago (wasn't Zyro at the time) and although the crash replacement is kind of generous (I think it was 30% off RRP) you can easily beat it by shopping round so maybe not worth bothering with.

    You should try Castelli to see if they do a repair service for your Gabba. I know Endura and Assos do (Assos for free??).
  • Thanks for the advice.

    Zyro have come back to me already, they're in the transition between 2014 stock and new 2015 stuff so we'll see if they can sort me and at what cost.

    Yeah, a mate of mine mentioned to try Castelli and see if they offer a repair service - I'll look it up.

    I've been onto my household insurers and hoping they can quite literally take the sting out of my accident!
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    I did it a few years ago with no problem whatsoever. Sounds like you're sorted though.
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