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MTB Lights on a budget

Collett73Collett73 Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in MTB buying advice
I'm relatively new to MTBs, certainly to riding in the dark but recently I've been out on tight twisty trails using my trusty "Hope Vision One" front light. On the road, I love this light but when things start to get twisty, fast and technical, the weaknesses really show up. It's beam is farrrrrrr to narrow! It has a great pool of light in the centre but f-all around it.
This light is £70 online so not cheap, but some guys I was riding with were using "ebay cheapies" which were better!
I've tried to look at some reviews of lights at but they all seem to focus on the top-end stuff (£150+).
Can anyone recommend a bright light with a wide beam and good battery life for under £50 please? I need to get writing to father Christmas!
Many thanks.


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