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Hi guys,

Im reluctantly coming to the realisation that a set of mudguards would be a good idea for winter commutes!

Ive a Boardman Team Carbon, and although it has mudguard mounts, a quick search has mentioned mudguards in general being a real pain to fit due to poor clearances on road bikes.

The 2 i've whittled it down to is either the SKS Raceblades or SKS Bluemels.
If anyone has any first hand experience of which would be the best fit, that would be great - or if you think there is a better model available, i'm all ears - hoping to get it sorted this weekend.

Thanks in advance.


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    I can't comment on SKS as I haven't used them but a lot of folk on here recommend.

    I ride a Boardman Comp from 2010 and a few weeks ago fitted Crud Roadracer mk2 which have been spot on so far. Don't know how I managed without the past few winters.

    They have a bit of flex in them and can at times rub on the tyre which doesn't affect riding just sounds a bit annoying. I have managed to 'dial them in' though and barely notice them now, except from feet, ar$e staying dry. They also keep most of the crap from getting to the chainset.
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    I have a Team Carbon as well as my winter hack. SKS longs are great and don't rub like the Road Racers.

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    Have a look at the clearances on your bike, with the winter tyres you intend to use (I have a Genesis Equilibrium and it'll only take 'guards if I limit myself to 25mm tyres). I've generally used SKS 35mm wide ones on my bikes, trimmed or shimmed as necessary. They work well and have good break-away clips for the front.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys - very helpful!
    Neal1984 - just to confirm, is it the SKS Bluemels you've used or the Raceblades?
    Im guessing its the Bluemels as I think they are longer, but just double checking.

    Should keep me busy for a while on saturday....!
  • I used to use Crud Roadracer but they rub on certain tyres (Ultremo ZX).

    Now I use SKS Race Blade Long. Easy to take on and off in 20 secs once you have set them up.

    Here are some pics i have just taken for you.

    Edit - I have a 2010 model Team Carbon.

    If you have the eyelet mounts then you have the 2014 Boardman Team Carbon, so this will have a lot more clearance than the 2010 model i own. Boardman took into account the English weather!







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    Wow, thanks so much for going to all that effort small_bloke! Really appreciated!
    Yes, I have the new model, and although I have a bit more clearance, I really like the way the raceblade longs install.
    Ive finally managed to track down a set in black (they seem to be in short supply) so will hopefully be fitting early next week.
    A big thank you to everyone who gave advice - a shining example of what makes these forums great - and hopefully this info will be useful for other users too.
  • bsharp77 wrote:
    Wow, thanks so much for going to all that effort small_bloke! Really appreciated!

    No worries dude. Happy fitting when you find a set in black!